ASAP Drainage are experts in handling drainage emergencies on a daily basis. Irrespective of the problem experienced, our team of expert drainage specialists are here to help with all your drainage needs. ASAP Drainage is equipped with high quality and latest equipment to deliver the best services for your drainage problems.

The question here is how exactly do you know if you are in any kind of drain emergencies? How do you know that the drainage issue you had for all these while is a serious problem or not? It must be noted that any drainage problems if not dealt with properly can be a huge mess later. So here we are presenting to you some common drain emergencies that need immediate attention.

Slow Draining- #1 Common Drain Emergencies

This is the most common sign of a drain problem that affects a majority of households in the UK. Slow draining of water is a clear indication of an underlying drainage problem which could be with a broken or blocked drain. Leaving this problem untreated can cause further damages.

Problems with the water pressure- #2 Common Drain Emergencies

If you face minimal water pressure, then it could be due to two reasons. Either there could be a burst in the mains and some repairs are happening or your drainage system is broken somewhere. If the latter is your case, then better get it checked by a professional drainage company in London.

Flooding of drains- #3 Common Drain Emergencies

We need to say more. Flooding of drains is certainly a draina emergency that needs to be attended to and fmixed imediately before the water damages your property.

Freezing of drains- #4 Common Drain Emergencies

Once winter sets in the UK, this is the major emergency that we get called out for. Drains can get easily freezed in winters if the water flowing through them isn’t warm. This can further get the drainage system to break and burst. This is a red signal to call a professional as early as possible.

Burst Drains- #5 Common Drain Emergencies

This is a sure shot and visible sign of drainage emergencies. If you find any burst pipes then make sure to turn off the main water system to save your home from flooding anymore. And call for professional help as soon as possible.

Smelly Drains- #6 Common Drain Emergencies

Bad smells emitting from your drains is a clear sign of stagnant water and solid decomposition inside of it. This bad odour can come from your kitchen sink, toilet, and shower drains. One may be tempted to try a few DIY remedies, but without finding the underlying cause, finding the permanent solution is not possible.

Gurgling Noises- #7 Common Drain Emergencies

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains while you flush your toilets, after cleaning the dishes or anywhere else around your home then it’s a clear sign of drains being blocked somewhere. The blocked drains leads to trapped air which can cause movement around the water and air causing this strange gurgling noises in the drainage system,

Lawns getting waterlogged- #8 Common Drain Emergencies

At times, the signs of drainage issues can also be spotted outside your home. If you find your yard or lawns being waterlogged all the time, then there are high chances that your drainage systems may be blocked or collapsed. Another sign that suggests your drain function is hindered are when you find any plants growing near your drainage system.