Rats are most notorious creatures that can cause serious damage to our properties. From water contamination to electrical damages and spreading diseases, rats are nothing but synonymous of nuisance.  In this blog, we will understand how exactly rats enter our abodes and the solution to rat problems.

How do rats enter our home or property?

  1. Wall cracks
    Rats will enter through the weak areas of home such as a crack on the wall. Check for such cracks and seal them using steel wool or sealants.
  2. Vent openings
    Even the smallest opening in your vent is enough for the rats to squeeze in. So either seal those gaps or use a metal screening to guard your home from these critters.
  3. Window cracks
    Cracks or gaps in your window can be an easy entry point for rodents. Seal them right away, if you find any.
  4. Roof holes
    Rats in attic are a common problem in the UK. Do a regular checking of your roofs. Look for any openings as even the smallest one is enough for the rats to enter.
  5. Chimney
    Rats can get warmth and easy access to food through the chimneys of our home. So prevent the entry of rats through the chimeny by installing grates or caps.
  6. Drainage system
    Our drainage system gives food and wate to rats. They can easity enter through a collapsed or defective drain and makes their way into our homes. It is important to find these defective drains and rectify them.

Let us note here that collapsed or defective drains are the most common entry point for rodents. Rats are great swimmers and can hence can make their way easily into your homes. It’s highly recommended to conduct a CCTV drain survey to understand what exactly is happening inside your drainage system.

How does rat blocker for drains work to prevent rat entry to your home?

The Rat Blocker is an environmentally friendly system designed specifically to prevent rats from entering houses and commercial buildings through the drainage system and sewer pipes. By installing the Rat Blocker, the pipes are also protected from damage caused by rats. The double gate mechanism allows the rats that are already inside the drainage pipes or sewer system to come out but never return into the system again. The rat blocker for drains will also prevent frogs from entering the pipework.

Effective features of rat bocker:

  • Great design
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Affordable solution
  • Friendly to mother earth as well as human.