Freezing, cold weather will soon be around the corners even before you know it. Cold weather can bring a lot of damage to your property, most importantly the drainage system. So it’s highly important to pay extra attention to your drains to avoid any dreading issues in the future.

Drain Maintenance Tips in Winter

Follow these tips for clog and problem-free drainage system this winters

Know your drain well inside out – Tip #1 maintain your drains this winter

Get a comprehensive checkup of your drainage system. Ensure that they are free from debris or blocks. Even small structural issues or blockage in your gutters can lead to great problems if left ignored. So it’s always recommended to get a CCTV drain survey of your entire drainage system including channel drains, slot drains and gully pots regularly. A CCTV drain survey will reveal everything that’s going on inside your drain pipes.

Don’t forget your soakaways- Tip #2 maintain your drains this winter

Surface drains get worked up all around the year but mostly during the rainy season. The climate is not in our control but we can always make sure that our drains are strong and block-free to deal with sudden surging water levels and more.

Keep the central heating consistent – Tip #3 maintain your drains this winter

It should be noted that turning up the heat suddenly when you get chilly can put a lot of pressure on your drainage system which can cause exploding of the pipes. Keep a consistent central heating temperature to avoid freezing of the pipes. Run all your pipes for a few minutes which will ensure there isn’t any unreleased pressure. Another way to protect pipes from freezing up is by insulating your drain pipes to prevent any heat loss that can lead to contraction or expansion of the drain pipes.

Keep an eye on your stop valve – Tip #4 maintain your drains this winter

The stopcock is the most ignored part of our drainage system. Most of us don’t even know it existed! You must know that the stopcock of your drains can also get corroded causing leaks later on. Ensure that it’s working well by opening and closing it a couple of times. It is important to perform this at least once a month.

Get even the smallest issue checked before its too late – Tips #5 maintain your drains this winter

Do you think that little smell coming from your drains is nothing to worry about? Or that gurgling sound is no big deal? And maybe some DIYs could give you a permanent solution? Well, you are wrong. Ignoring such small issues could lead you to bigger problems in the future. So it’s highly recommended to get your drains checked regularly professionally by expert drainage companies.

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