The blossoms of summer are soon to come. It’s a fabulous time to sit back, enjoy and soak in vitamin D. While some homeowners may be lucky to get the full fun of summers while others may have to spend time tackling the drain problems. Most of us think it’s the winter or the rainy season when drains become blocked or have other nasty drainage issues. But drains are also prone to drainage problems. Attributing to the fact that trees and bushes grow at their best in this climate, their roots can get inside the drains and cause blockages. Drain smells are another common call we get from our customers in the summertime.

In this article, we discuss how to take care of your drains this summer with some essential tips and advice.

Why is summer the best time for drain maintenance?

A Suitable season for faster execution with zero climatic hindrance

Unlike winter with snow everywhere and monsoon with heavy downpours, summer serves to be the best climatic condition for easy drain repairs and other maintenance. Drain specialists can also work easily on-site without any external climatic factors and execute their plan without waiting for the weather to be favourable.

Unresolved issues can get worsened

If there happened to be any issues in your drain that hasn’t been solved yet, then this is the right to get them repaired. The professional intervention will help you pinpoint the exact issues before it gets worsened. Being moderate weather, the drain repairs and inspections can be easily carried off.

Drain smells can get unpleasant

Pungent and nasty smells from drains can be frustrating for homeowners. The growth of these drains is the main cause of drain smells. Summer is the perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate, drain smell can get even worse making it hard for the homeowner to live. One must make use of the summertime by cleaning the build-up mould and bacteria to prevent future blockages or odours.

Problems from winter should be solved

Your drain in winter is faced with numerous problems. Freezing and blockages due to leaves and debris are one of the main issues. Solving this problem in winters is impossible due to unfavourable weather conditions. Summer can be a perfect time to fix all the wear and tear happening to your drains during winters. On the other hand, with proper drain maintenance, you can also solve any existent issues and stay prepared before the next winter season comes.

ASAP Drainage- Your local drainage specialists in Surrey

Conducting drain maintenance all by yourself is certainly an option but to only those who face minor or nill drainage issues. Using a liquid drain cleaner can easily unclog your drains only if it is a minor clog. Small clogs are usually due to deposit of soap and gunk scum which can be mostly tackled by a gush of liquid drain cleaner. But if these small clogs get stuck with a pile of hair then it can cause persistent blockages and other drain issues. This is where a professional drainage company can help. We at ASAP Drainage have years of experience in dealing with the most complicated drainage problems and also offer services such as CCTV drain surveys, rat blocker installation, drain lining and drain clearance.

You can call us on 8009554549 and speak to our drain specialist who will help you with the best solution for your drainage system.