Unfortunately, you won’t know whether you have pitch fibre drains until you have a problem. Then the games begin, with your insurance company potentially refusing to reimburse the expense of repair. Unfortunately, because pitch fibre drainage has a life expectancy of only about 40 years, we are now finding that more and more clients are approaching us with drainage difficulties caused by pitch fibre.

What exactly are pitch fibre pipes?

Pitch Fibre Pipes was a particularly efficient drainage pipe style in England in the late 1950s. In comparison to the old clay pipes, it had several advantages. In comparison to the clay pipe, they were less expensive and lighter in weight.
Pitch fibre pipes were in such high demand that there was a scarcity. Pitch fibre pipes were used in all post-war houses built in England. Even today, many areas in England have miles and miles of pitch fibre drainage pipelines. It was produced from wood cellulose that had been saturated with coal tar pitch. These pipes are extremely long-lasting, as seen by their continued operation.
Any form of drainage pipe, whether pitch fibre, plastic, or clay, is susceptible to the pressures and strains of contemporary life, but pitch fibre pipes are particularly prone to breaking.

What should I do if my property contains pitch fibre drainage pipes?

If you have pitch fibre drainage pipes on your property and they are not leaking or damaged, it is probably best to leave them as they are. While the asbestos remains undisturbed and deep underground, it does not pose a health risk.

If you have pitch fibre drainage pipes on your property and they look to be broken or cracked, you have two options: dig the pipework and replace it with contemporary plastic piping, or have the pipework fixed. Many of our clients prefer pitch fibre pipeline repairing because it is faster, fewer time-consuming, and ultimately less expensive than messy digging and reinstallation.

How do pitch fibre pipelines get repaired?

We specialize in pitch fibre pipe repairs at ASAP Drainage. Many homes in England still have pitch fibre drainage pipes, and we have restored several of them over the years.
A broken pipeline can be lined again with polyester and felt coating that is placed from within and conceals any breaks or narrow slits in the pitch fibre pipe. If this is not an option, we may explore patch lining, which involves using a patch to conceal a fissure or break. In rare cases, if a pipe has more severe damage, we may consider using Brawoliner. This is a smooth elastic tubing that may be used to line piping that is under massive pressure and has a lot of connections and bends.

Is it possible to replace my pitch fibre pipes?

Pitch fibre pipes, yes, they can be changed. We are pitch fibre pipe replacement experts, and if you decide you want new, heavy-duty pipes put in place of old pitch fibre pipes, we can accomplish it. We will first trace your drains to ensure that we only dig in the appropriate locations, and our professional crew will repair your pipes as fast and effectively as possible.

As a general rule, we would urge our clients to repair instead of replacing pitch fibre pipes because it is a more pocket-friendly and less disruptive way of dealing with any problems

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