Exterior damages on your drainage system are easily visible. But interior damages are tough to point out. Internal wall damages can go without notice for a long time until some signs appear. If left ignored it can become a huge problem later. Exterior damages are easy to repair or reconstruct but does that mean interior damages require excavation or other destructive mechanisms for repairing? No. This is where draining lining comes into play.

In this, we will understand the basic of drain lining, advantages and its procedures.

Drain lining- A non-destructive method to protect your drainage system

Experts suggest that even a minor problem in the drainage system should be given utmost attention. Ignoring such problems can lead to big troubles later on. Also, it is highly inconvenient to conduct any destructive treatments such as excavation. Drain lining is highly beneficial as that drain can be restored to its original condition without digging or excavating. This method is best used in commercial properties, where it is difficult to perform excavations as the whole business is stalled.

Drain lining -The Entire Procedure

In this method, a protective layer made of resin is fitted inside the drain. This layer becomes the lining inside the drain protecting it against the cracks. Let us explain the entire procedure below:

CCTV Inspection

The drain engineers need to locate the damage first. So through a CCTV drain inspection, the location is identified and the degree of damage is estimated. Then using a high-speed water jet, the drainage system is cleaners thoroughly. Cleaning the drainage system is really important as the resin lining will be attached evenly to it. We at ASAP Drainage will also monitor the entire drainage system throughout the drain relining procedure.

Installation- The actual drain lining process

Nextly, the resin layer is fitted inside the drainage system using two methods. Either an inflated airbag or a water pressure can be used to reinforce the resin to fit well into the shape of the drainage system. Then to cure the resin, hot water or UV lighting is used. This allows the resin to harden and become an inner lining to the drainage system.

Drain lining services by ASAP Drainage

Our expert drainage engineers provide drain lining services across the UK. Check out the areas we cover here. The drain liner we use (Renoline) conforms with European Standard BSEN13566-F:2002. Our drain liner refurbishment will be ready for use within hours of installation ASAP Drainage’s drain lining services are suitable for domestic, industrial, commercial and municipal applications.